Kevin Garnett isn't one to mince his words. But this wild take from the Hall of Famer on LeBron James and Kevin Durant won't sit well with Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns fans.

On the latest episode of KG Certified, Garnett audaciously suggested that James and Durant should become “spot up” guys at this point of their careers.

“LeBron and KD, it's time for them to be spot up,” Garnett passionately said as his former Boston Celtics teammate Paul Pierce sat beside him, befuddled by his fellow NBA champion's admonition. “We gave the ball to them for ages… Can they play off the ball once? Can they go in the corner and now someone make a play for them.”

That is quite the take from the no-filter Hall of Famer who isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Kevin Garnett was arguing that Devin Booker should be the main playmaker in Phoenix and he should have the ball in his hands when the game is on the line over Durant. He went on to suggest that LeBron James and Kevin Durant should now give the reins to the younger talent to carry the load on offense while the Hall of Famers stand in the corners to spot up.

KG may have a bit of a case with Durant, given how the Suns have a couple of top-notch playmakers in Booker and Bradley Beal to facilitate and create shots. Durant did somewhat play this kind of role when he was with the Golden State Warriors — but not to the extent of being just a spot up guy. And he shouldn't. At the end of the day, he's still Kevin Durant.

As for LeBron James, that's simply not happening. No one on the Lakers roster is capable of carrying the offensive load like the four-time NBA champ can. It wouldn't be ideal to give Anthony Davis the ball majority of the time to make plays, even though he is a solid playmaker for his position.