Masin Elije has brought forth some hard evidence to support her claim on her alleged former relationship with Washington Wizards big man Dwight Howard. This comes in the form of a DM conversation Elije allegedly had with Howard, which the former shared on her Twitter feed.

In Elije's post, she questions Howard's openness with his sexual preference, and if the 32-year-old's family and friends knew about his fondness for dating transgender women.

In Howard's defense (if this really is him, of course), he does not openly admit to his inclination to the same sex throughout the brief conversation. However, he also does not deny any of Elije's claims. In fact, Dwight Howard even says that he is “free” when Elije suggested that Howard be more honest about his dating preference.

This bombshell absolutely takes the cake for the most bizarre news bit we've come across all season. This even has to be in the conversation for the weirdest EVER.

At any rate, it is only beginning, and this will surely be the stuff of headlines for weeks to come. We have yet to hear from Dwight Howard and his camp regarding this matter, and it is only a matter of time before they come out with a statement. Things will definitely heat up more by then.