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NBA Referees’ Twitter account sends hilarious tweet regarding fans and 280 characters

NBA Referees

Hardly anyone would associate NBA referees with anything fun. For most fans, refs often take the enjoyment out of the game with their bad calls, particularly when it’s against the team they support.

However, whoever is in charge of the NBA Referees Twitter account – whether s/he’s an actual NBA referee or not – has quite the sly sense of humor after a hilarious tweet concerning Twitter’s recent rollout of 280 characters from the previous 140 and fan complaints directed at the account.

Fans obviously aren’t shy about airing their grievances toward refs, especially through social media. With the previous 140-character limit on Twitter, those complaints were often short, sweet, and predominantly full of expletives. But with the increased number of characters, the NBA Referees Twitter account manager will have a lot more reading to do going forward.

Hopefully, fans heed the NBA Refs account’s call to use those extra characters wisely to form more coherent and composed arguments when they do take to Twitter to lambaste them for whatever such call an official made. But knowing most NBA fans, they will likely just use those added characters to deliver more vitriol in a single tweet as opposed to being calm and reasonable users of social media.