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Rick Carlisle, Doc Rivers react to ‘horrible’ Jacob Blake shooting


Even after the massive ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement that has been echoing across the world since May, it seems that nothing has really changed as another African-American named Jacob Blake was shot again in the hands of three police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin last Sunday. Blake was shot from behind seven times and is currently fighting for his life.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Game 5 between the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Clippers, both team’s respective head coaches, Rick Carlisle and Doc Rivers, shared their thoughts on the horrendous incident.

“It’s an absolutely horrible, hideous situation,” Dallas head coach Rick Carlisle said pre-game (per dallasnews.com). “It’s just the unthinkable, but these things have happened all too often, and they keep happening, and that’s why we’re talking so much about racial justice here.”

It’s been a challenge for the entire league to try and brush away social issues to focus on basketball but members of the league are trying their best to make sure the league doesn’t become a distraction.

“So much of the conversation about whether the Orlando NBA campus was even going to happen hinged on social justice,” Carlisle said. “It was a platform to really talk about things that have been going on in the world from George Floyd on back, and the recent [instance] with Jacob Blake is just another horrible gut punch.”

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers also shared his initial thoughts about the Jacob Blake shooting.

“Watching that video, obviously, was disturbing to everybody,” Rivers said. “I hope you don’t have to be Black for that video to have disturbed you or anyone else.”

Rivers also mentioned that the Blake video was so disturbing and distracting that he will wait until after the game to comment.