NBA news: Rockets' James Harden should've been called for a critical charge in Game 3 vs. Warriors
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Rockets’ James Harden should’ve been called for a charge before key bucket in Game 3 win over Warriors

James Harden, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry

The NBA’s Last Two Minute Report concluded that Houston Rockets guard James Harden should have been called for an offensive foul after committing a charge against Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green, a play that occurred with 27 seconds left in the overtime period.

Shaded by Andre Iguodala, Harden drove to the heart of the lane and released a floater, as Green intercepted the play and got himself in position to take the contact well outside the charge circle:

The official NBA Referees Twitter account was transparent and admitted it should have gone the other way, then explained why this was called erroneously on the floor:

“Once the offensive player beat the primary defender, a referee’s job in our sequencing is to shift to the secondary defender and determine his legality. Green establishes legal position prior to the upward motion of Harden, and it should have been a charge.

“While it can be difficult on running jump shots, the lead and slot officials should have transitioned more quickly to the secondary defender’s legal position prior to upward shooting motion. We’re answering questions like this in real-time tonight with !”

Besides that play, only a loose ball foul on Chris Paul during a jump ball late in regulation was missed by the officials, making it a relatively clean job with the whistle throughout the last few minutes of a closely contested game.

The series will resume on Monday night, as the Warriors face the Rockets on the road before returning home for Game 5 on Wednesday.