NBA video: Adam Schefter's daughter interviews players at All-Star Weekend
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Video: Adam Schefter’s daughter, Dylan, interviews players at NBA All-Star Weekend

Adam Schefter, Dylan Schefter

It looks like Adam Schefter still has a thing or two to learn about how to do his job. Luckily, he has his daughter, Dylan, to teach him.

Dylan Schefter put her skills on display when talking to NBA players at All-Star Weekend. She talked to players like Luka Doncic, De’Aaron Fox, and Donovan Mitchell, to name a few:

The 10-year-old Schefter was stellar doing her interviews. She started off by impressing many of the players by being all business. After an introduction, she went right to work, getting the hard-hitting facts that get overlooked by some of the professional journalists.

She asked about Instagram followers, followed by inquiries of how to gain her own social media prominence. She also wanted to learn about how players got so tall, with Jaren Jackson Jr. recommending broccoli. Players were getting stumped by some of the questions, which is the mark of a true journalist.

All-Star Weekend is supposed to be fun, and being interviewed by Dylan Schefter seemed to be right along those lines for the players. They were relaxed and appeared to be having a lot of fun. Of course, that is a nice break from getting drilled about questions from recent games.

What was really good about the video is that the players actually took it seriously. They did not seem to dismiss the questions or think they were too good for anything. Overall, Dylan did a very good job, and those interview skills she is building will come in handy when she takes over the Schefter journalism throne from Adam Schefter.