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WATCH: ‘NBA 2K20’ MyCAREER trailer released


The awaited NBA 2K20 has now released the first trailer for MyCAREER mode, one that features superstar LeBron James and his longtime business manager Maverick Carter.

Unlike its prior iteration, which focused on a player’s venture from going undrafted to overseas basketball and eventually back into the NBA, this year’s story focuses on a player’s crushing injury while in college and the road back from it.

This storyline showcases not only the frustration with suffering an injury close to the time the NBA could come knocking, but also other factors like friends, agents, associates, and others who get thrown in the mix.

NBA 2K20’s new MyCAREER mode includes some of the best acting talents in the business, including Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson, Thomas Middleditch, Ernie Hudson, LaMorne Morris, and other notable voices like the aforementioned James and Carter playing a role in this story.

While 2K Sports has put plenty of attention into its current pro Esports league along with the volume of content they produce as far as cards for MyTEAM, they have also put a considerable amount of effort into making the MyCAREER experience as immersive and close to real life as possible.

2K’s partnership with the James-founded SpringHill Entertainment could prove a massive hit for a franchise that will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year with the release of NBA 2K20, a major milestone to go with a major story for its players.

NBA 2K20 will release in all platforms — Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam — on Friday, Sept. 6.