The brawl between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers will almost certainly result in suspensions for Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, and Brandon Ingram. But what exactly happened to escalate tensions between Rondo and Paul?

The latest video to emerge appears to show spit coming from Rondo. It's hard to say definitively, but there is something happening in the video:

The NBA will take a look at the video that appears to show Rondo spitting, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. This is probably the best evidence the Rockets will have to make their case against Rondo. If they can make a compelling enough case, Paul's suspension may be lighter than it otherwise would have been.

Rondo is denying there was anything purposeful done, but if the league feels this is definitive proof, he could be looking at a lengthy suspension. Additionally, Brandon Ingram is also looking at a decent suspension. His overreaction after his foul on Harden is what ultimately led to the incident between Paul and Rondo.

The NBA season is barely three games in and there is already an investigation with multiple camera angles, multiple suspensions coming, and a few more games between these teams before the season is over. There is bound to be some tension when these teams meet again.

A seven-game playoff series between these teams would be unbelievable. Watching LeBron James exchange metaphorical blows with James Harden while Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul are actually throwing haymakers at each other. We can only hope we're that lucky.