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Creighton coach Greg McDermott issues apology over ‘deplorable language’

Gregg McDermott, Doug McDermott

Creighton head coach Greg McDermott has made headlines of late. Unfortunately, it was all for the wrong reasons, with the 56-year-old coach making use of inappropriate comments during his post-game speech. McDermott received a ton of backlash for his actions, and as such, the coach has decided to come out to issue an apology for the same.

McDermott made his public apology via Twitter:

Coach McDermott used the term “plantation” in a racially-charged manner, which drew the ire of many. For most, it was totally inappropriate for a man of his stature to be using such language. McDermott agrees with this notion, and has since recognized his “egregious mistake.”

As McDermott explained above, he made the remarks in the heat of the moment, which was right after his No. 14 Bluejays suffered an upset loss against Xavier, 77-69. Nonetheless, many have still called out the coach for his inappropriate statement, arguing that such language remains inappropriate regardless of the situation.

It is worth noting that Creighton has also come out with its own statement regarding this controversy:

The school has likewise criticized McDermott for his actions and has implied that the coach will be sanctioned for the same. It is worth noting, however, that the disciplinary action, if any, will not be made public. It appears that Creighton intends to settle this matter internally.

Greg McDermott is the father of Indiana Pacers guard Doug McDermott.

For what it’s worth, McDermott’s case is just one of a number of racial issues that have mired the sporting world of late. Recently, former NBA player Jeremy Lin also came out with accusations against the NBA G-League with regards to an incident of racial abuse.