Scott Frost was fired from his role as head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Sunday after a brutal start to the year. Following the unthinkable loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday, Nebraska football decided it was best to change course and fire Frost. Part of his firing will feature a massive $15 million buyout, but that's a price Nebraska was willing to pay in order to send Frost on his merry way. In fact, Nebraska was so eager to fire Frost that they made the decision to pay him an additional $7.5 million to make the move immediately, rather than wait until Oct. 1.

Frost's contract featured a $15 million buyout clause. However, that figure would be cut in half if he was fired after October 1, 2022, as Thor Nystrom points out. Nebraska could have fired Frost after October 1 at a cost of just $7.5 million. Instead, the program proved unwilling to wait three additional weeks, making the move to fire him on September 11, tacking the extra $7.5 million onto his buyout.

Scott Frost is making out like a bandit with his absurd buyout from the Cornhuskers, and it just shows how badly Nebraska wanted him gone. Even for a big program like Nebraska, $7.5 million is a significant amount of money, yet the Cornhuskers were more than willing to send the 47-year-old on his way at the full cost of his buyout.

One of the most disastrous coaching stints across college football finally came to an end on Sunday, and considering the bizarre nature of his buyout, this can be considered a fitting ending to Scott Frost's time in Lincoln.

Across five seasons with the Cornhuskers, Frost recorded a humbling 16-31 record, failing to log a single winning season during his time as head coach of the Nebraska football team.