Ben Simmons has a case for being the most criticized player in all of the NBA today. To be fair, you could argue that the Brooklyn Nets star somewhat brought it upon himself with all the brouhaha he's been involved in over the past couple of years.

One thing you can say for sure is that Simmons is tired of all the drama. In a recent interview, the Nets guard revealed that he still has so much love for the game. However, he's also grown weary of all the baggage that comes with it:

“I love the game. Do I like all the bulls**t around it? No,” Simmons said, via Brian Lewis of the New York Post. “But I love the game & it comes with it. … It is what it is. I love playing basketball and I love to work. Not every day's gonna be perfect. Everyone has down days, but that's life.”

Simmons did not play a single game last season. This was after he opted to go on strike as he forced his way out of the Philadelphia 76ers. He finally got his wish via a mid-season trade move to the Nets, but his problems didn't end there.

Simmons' back injury prevented him from making his debut from the Nets last season, and this year, he just hasn't looked like the Ben Simmons of old. This has brought about a ton of criticism from fans and pundits alike, and at this point, it isn't at all surprising that the former Rookie of the Year is getting sick and tired of all the “bulls**t.”