Ben Simmons and the Brooklyn Nets are in Philadelphia Tuesday night to play his old team, the Philadelphia 76ers. Nobody expected Simmons to play like Michael Jordan dropping 55 points on the New York Knicks shortly after making his comeback from his first retirement, but Simmons still managed to evoke some imagery of His Airness, albeit in a much more hilarious manner, depending on how you see it.

When Ben Simmons drained both of his free throws early in the contest, he seemingly dished out a shrug a la Michael Jordan in the 1992 NBA Finals after the GOAT knocked down six 3-pointers in a half against the Portland Trail Blazers.

That Ben Simmons shrug has sent Twitter nuts.


Most eyes are on this game because of the highly intriguing narrative of Ben Simmons returning to his old NBA residence. That plus the anticipated reception of Sixers fans to him playing in Philly for the first time in what feels like forever. Prior to the game, it looked as though Sixers fans weren't going to be too harsh on Simmons, as he signed autographs and posed for selfies with them. But when he came out of the dugout for pregame warmups, Simmons was met with a cascade of boos in the arena. Nevertheless, it's a gesture most NBA fans expected to see from Sixers supporters in Simmons' return to his old stomping grounds.

Simmons scored nine points with five assists and two steals plus a block in 15 minutes before the end of the second quarter versus the Sixers.