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Bernard King believes Nets will be ‘attractive to a number of free agents’

Bernard King, Nets

After a surprising 2018-19 season that saw them make the playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets have undoubtedly positioned themselves as a great free agency destination.

With the new culture and development of their young talent, the Nets are expected to be big players in free agency this offseason. And NBA Hall of Famer and Brooklyn native Bernard King agrees with that notion and firmly believes the team is now attractive to some free agents.

“They’ll be attractive to a number of free agents. They have a wonderful arena and a good coach [Kenny Atkinson] and very talented players,” King told Marc Berman of the New York Post.

King didn’t specify on whether the Nets will be able to acquire any of the top guys, but the fact that he has good things to say about the franchise speaks volumes as to what Brooklyn is trying to build. They will never have the history like the New York Knicks, but they can create their own identity by becoming the more successful team in the city.

Just like the Nets, the Knicks are also looking to add superstar talent in free agency. The difference between the two is that the latter is a more preferred destination according to rumors.

But if the players will base their judgment on success as a team and functionality as a franchise, the Nets should be at the top of their list.