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Nets’ Jared Dudley reacts strongly to suggestion that the Bulls are more talented than Brooklyn

Jared Dudley , Bulls

Here’s one way to elicit a strong reaction from Brooklyn Nets forward Jared Dudley: just say that the Chicago Bulls are a better team than his.

During a brief Twitter exchange with a random Twitter user on Friday, Dudley showed his absolute rebuke at the raised idea that the lowly Bulls have more talent.

Well, it probably didn’t ruin his entire day, but it seemed to have dampened Dudley’s mood, who’s obviously and understandably annoyed by such a comment, though, he’s unlikely to disagree with the observation that Brooklyn has plenty of blue-collar guys, who get the job done regardless of style.

By most metrics, the Nets are the superior team compared to Chicago. For starters, Brooklyn averages more points per game, and though the Nets give up more points to opponents, they have a better (-0.5) average scoring margin than Chicago’s (-10.5).

While both teams are not being spearheaded by a flashy and expensive superstar, the Nets seem to be better than the sum of their parts. Chicago, on the other hand, often look clueless on the court, which makes them an omnipresent part of tanking discussions.

Whether the Bulls are indeed purposely playing bad to score the highest possible pick in this year’s draft or not, that’s not Jared Dudley’s business. Just know that the veteran is not always going to take any perceived slander sitting down.