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Kevin Durant’s bodyguard gets punishment from NBA after PJ Tucker shoving in Nets-Bucks Game 3

Nets, Kevin Durant, Adam Silver

Game 3 of the Brooklyn Nets-Milwaukee Bucks series made headlines recently, but for the wrong reasons. It is after a security official ran to the court to break up an ensuing fight between Kevin Durant and PJ Tucker.

In the process, however, Tucker was shoved and there was a lot of confusion as to who was the security official on the floor. As it turns out, it was KD’s personal bodyguard who charged to the court.

After reviewing the Nets-Bucks incident, the NBA has made the decision to ban the said security personnel in any game in Milwaukee during the series, per Marc Stein of New York Times. Moreover, KD’s guard will not be assigned to the court area when the series returns to Brooklyn once again.

While some could argue that Kevin Durant’s bodyguard was just doing his job, it was actually the referees’ task to prevent such things from happening. Also in playoffs basketball where every game is important, it is common for emotions to be intense.

Now, the only chance Nets fans will get to see KD’s bodyguard is if Brooklyn makes it to the Eastern Conference Finals. By the looks of it, the team has a good chance to do so since they currently lead 2-1 against the Bucks–dominating their first two contests before some fourth-quarter blunders doomed them in Game 3.