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Nets star Kevin Durant’s bodyguard was ready for war with PJ Tucker

Nets, Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, PJ Tucker, Game 3

The video of the heated incident between Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant and Milwaukee Bucks starter PJ Tucker went viral, especially after a security guard came in and escalated the situation after shoving Tucker from behind. However, it turns out the supposed security guard was actually Durant’s bodyguard, according to Joe Vardon of The Athletic. 

“Durant’s personal bodyguard, who is on the Nets’ payroll, charged the court to break them up, and shoved Tucker. The Bucks’ crowd, at full capacity for the first time this season, serenaded Kevin with “f— KD” chants.”

Well, he was just doing his job, right? On the other hand, it’s playoff basketball and an old-fashioned game straight from the 1990s with PJ Tucker playing physical defense on Durant all night long, even though Durant still dropped 30 points in the Nets loss.

This sure gives us a little more clarity on the situation, at the very least. Tucker seemed angry and upset after being shoved by the security guard during their altercation, and the Bucks fans let out an NSFW chant that serenaded the entire arena.

The tensions were high for everybody involved– including Durant’s bodyguard who just reacted as anybody else in that position would– and immediately went viral with the clip. However, in the midst of a playoff game on national television, and in the middle of a heated scuffle that wasn’t going to get that physical, it is kind of surprising in its own right.

Either way, the heat between Durant and Tucker should boil over to Game 4 and Tucker will likely be tasked with having to guard Durant once again as the Bucks try to even the series. The Nets and their high-powered offense will look to get back on track and push Milwaukee to the brink of elimination before heading back to Brooklyn, where the Nets’ fans will surely have some words for Tucker.

Hopefully Durant’s bodyguard is ready for the remainder of the series.