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WATCH: Nets star Kevin Durant gets called out by Eli Manning

Nets, Kevin Durant, Eli Manning

It looks like we’re all about to be treated to a showdown between Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant and New York Giants legend Eli Manning. The iconic NFL quarterback recently called out Durant for what could potentially be an intriguing turn of events.

Before you get too excited, we need to clear up that what Eli Manning was referring to when he decided to call out the Nets All-Star is all about a game called “10 Questions with Kyle Brandt.”

As Manning said in the interview above, the reason why he singled out Durant is because of the fact that he’s going to be interviewing him in the near future. This sounds like nothing more than a move to promote the show. After all, what could we really expect out of a nice guy like Eli Manning, right?

We’re not entirely sure if the Nets superstar will indulge Manning’s challenge here, though. Durant is a pretty busy guy right now and the NBA season did just tip-off on Tuesday.

Moreover, KD has more pressing matters on his mind right with the Kyrie Irving situation still serving as a huge thorn in his side. It also doesn’t sound like the Kyrie saga with the Nets is going to end anytime soon, and we’re pretty sure Durant is invested significantly in that situation.