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Nets’ Kevin Durant should join HORSE competition, suggests DeMarcus Cousins


The NBA will hold a HORSE competition among various NBA and WNBA players, both active and retired. If DeMarcus Cousins is concerned, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant should sign in.

Cousins, who spent a season with Durant in Golden State, said that the Nets superstar should defend his title. For those unaware, Durant won the HORSE competition in the 2008-09 and 2009-10 in the All-Star weekend. That makes him the only two-time champion in league history.

Below is a sample of how lethal the Nets forward is in the game of HORSE. Cousins probably witnessed how Durant and Rajon Rondo went toe to toe in the 2010 All-Star weekend. Surprisingly, Rondo was knocking down 3-pointers. But Durant was simply the better shooter.

And during his stint with the Warriors, Cousins must have witnessed first-hand how good Durant is in this type of game.

Below is another clip of Durant. This time, he’s up against none other than Stephen Curry — regarded as the greatest shooter of all time. They played PIG which is essentially just a shortened version of HORSE.

To recall, Durant and four other Nets players tested positive for the novel coronavirus last month. They’ve recovered since and are symptom-free. Does this mean that there’s a good chance that Durant will say yes to Cousins’ request?

Be as it may, the HORSE competition is one of the league’s efforts to give fans some entertainment. It’s been over a month since the NBA suspended the 2019-20 season. Like players themselves, fans have been antsy to see some basketball action.