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Nets star Kevin Durant trashes LeBron James’ friend over hate remarks

Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Nets, Lakers

Kevin Durant has never been afraid to voice strong opinions on social media, and that trend continued again Wednesday in a Twitter interaction. From his infamous burner accounts to his well-documented Twitter beefs, the Brooklyn Nets star’s fast fingers have made heated exchanges for “easymoneysniper” and “KDTrey5” into a regular occurrence.

Durant showed no remorse once again on Wednesday:

Though the tweet didn’t specifically mention any names, it’s clear who the instigator was taking shots at. The original tweeter, self-proclaimed as “73-9 and they LIED,” clearly was taking shots at Durant, the former Golden State Warriors forward who joined the Dubs the year that they set a single-season wins record with 73-9.

For KD, the frustration is understandable. Though the Nets were far-and-away the favorites to win the NBA Finals this year, Durant was Brooklyn’s only healthy player to consistently perform up to their standards during the Nets’ playoff run. This dynamic came to a T in Game 7 of the Milwaukee Bucks-Brooklyn Nets series, in which Durant posted 48 points in an overtime loss, while the next best scorer was James Harden, who scored 22 points but on measly 5-of-17 shooting performance.

Still, though, to argue with a tweeter whose account name and profile are obviously meant to troll Warriors players (past or current), Durant seems quite immature for a 32-year-old superstar. KD is a:

  • 2x NBA champion
  • 2x NBA Finals Most Valuable Player
  • 1x NBA Most Valuable Player
  • 4x NBA scoring champion
  • NBA Rookie of the Year
  • 9x All-NBA selection
  • 11x NBA All-Star

And certainly much more accomplishments beyond that. The list goes on.

No NBA fan in his or her right mind would truly question Durant’s greatness. Arguing on Twitter with fans who already have their minds set against Slim Reaper and any Golden State affiliates won’t change anybody’s minds. So, for KD, maybe heated exchanges on social media aren’t such a productive idea. But during the offseason when NBA-related entertainment is hard to come by, fans like all of us won’t complain.