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Kyrie Irving doubles down on NBA Finals guarantee with Kevin Durant, James Harden

Kyrie Irving Nets James Harden Kevin Durant Finals

Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving penned a message on Instagram on Saturday morning after the team was blasted for their back-to-back losses against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Irving said that he wasn’t worried about the team’s early struggles, especially after acquiring James Harden and further claimed that he remains confident that the Nets have what it takes to reach the NBA Finals.

“Don’t trip. It’s a long journey. We will be on that stage. The stage where the best of the best meet. … You know. The main stage. Where those who can, do. And those who cannot talk about those that are doing,” Irving posted. “If you rolling with us, great. Let’s rock. If you’re not, you know you wanna talk about our greatness anyway.”

His teammate in Kevin Durant also supported his message and commented “Speak on it king!!” Later that day, the Nets took the floor and went up against a Miami Heat squad that was without Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro.

Irving went to work and notched 28 points, six rebounds, and seven assists while Durant topped the team in scoring with 31 points of his own. Harden also came out with a double-double performance of 12 points and 11 rebounds for the Nets.

The combined production of their big three was enough to fend off the Heat on a 128-124 victory. After grabbing their first win as a trio, Irving talked about his controversial post on Instagram and shed light on his rationale behind it.

“I give people [something] to talk about everyday. It comes with the business, and living a very public life as an athlete or an entertainer, I know we have supporters and we have a lot of doubters,” Irving said via the New York Post. “So being on this stage, it is the main stage, but you know the main stage I’m talking about. We’re just putting it out as a goal of ours that we came together and this team, we’re focused on that. That’s it.”

With a 10-8 record, Brooklyn will certainly have a tough road ahead of them as they look to handle the business on the floor and live up to the lofty expectations set on the team. Success won’t come easy as the Nets already have huge targets on their backs, especially with the firepower that they have on the offensive end.

Kyrie Irving and the team will aim to carry over their momentum as they face the Heat once again on the second game of a back-to-back set on Jan. 25.