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Nets’ Sean Marks ‘not sure’ if Kyrie Irving-D’Angelo Russell partnership would have been a good fit

Sean Marks, Nets

Before the end of last season, rumors flew that former Celtic Kyrie Irving was on his way to the Brooklyn Nets in the offseason. Fans wondered how he would fit in with the Nets current All-Star, D’Angelo Russell.

Ultimately, the pairing never came to be. Russell was swapped to the Golden State Warriors before he had a chance to pair with Irving.

Nets general manager Sean Marks opined that this was a good thing, as he doesn’t think the pairing would have been good for either party:

“Well, I think you have to look at everything. That (was) certainly an option. However, I’m not sure if that would have been a good fit for either one of those guys,” Marks said. “I think D’Angelo has proved that he can go in and lead a team. He’s deserving of that… I’m not sure it would have made sense to have two guys in there that really are deserving of trying to run their team.”

Irving and Russell both seem like players that want recognition as the leading guard on their team. Both guys are dynamic point guards who have shown they are capable of leading their team to the playoffs. Perhaps they would have struggled together.

Ironically, Russell joins a team with a leading point guard already in Stephen Curry. However, Curry seems like he would be much more comfortable playing off the ball than Irving would.

Look for Russell to take become an honorary Splash Brother while Klay Thompson is out, while Irving leads Brooklyn on his own with KD injured.