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Spencer Dinwiddie reacts to Brooklyn hiring Steve Nash

Nets, Steve Nash

Spencer Dinwiddie is one of the first Brooklyn Nets players to have reacted to his team hiring Steve Nash as the squad’s new head coach.

Dinwiddie took to Twitter to share his initial thoughts on this surprise hire:

Dinwiddie is telling no lies here. People have been clamoring for the Nets to acquire a third star to play alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but as it turns out, the star they ended up with came in the form of their new head coach. Nash, a Hall of Fame inductee in 2018, may not have the experience other candidates have (Nash has exactly zero experience as an NBA head coach), but there’s no denying that he brings the star power with him to Brooklyn.

It is also worth mentioning that Dinwiddie is cutting himself a bit short here. More than a few folks consider him to be the third (mini/semi) star behind Durant and Irving. He has been outstanding for the Nets in the absence of their of the two aforementioned superstars, and it may be argued that Dinwiddie could actually emerge as a star in his own right in another team.

What is clear is that the Nets are going all out this coming season. They have thrown the league a curve ball by hiring Nash, in the hopes that the former back-to-back MVP winner emerges as the next Steve Kerr. It does seem like a bit of a long shot at this point, but it also cannot be denied that Nash appears to have the necessary tools to succeed as a head coach in the NBA.