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Nets PG Spencer Dinwiddie’s 2-word response to whether he’ll come back this season

Spencer Dinwiddie, Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have been the talk of the town recently after acquiring every player under the sun. Or, at least it feels that way. After the additions of Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge, the Nets are setting themselves up for a championship run this season. There is so much star power on the Nets roster right now, it’s easy to forget that Spencer Dinwiddie is still apart of the team. He hasn’t been able to play this year due to an injury, but it seems he might make an appearance before the season ends.

Spencer Dinwiddie himself is the one to thank for this news, as he offered a simple two-word response after being inquired about his thought on returning to the lineup.

Even though Dinwiddie feels confident he’ll return this season, the decision is not entirely up to him, per Nets Daily.

“Of course the decision won’t be up to him, but the physician who repaired his partially torn ACL in December, Dr. Riley J. Williams III, is also Nets medical director and a key voice in making the determination of whether Dinwiddie will be able to handle the stresses of NBA play on his repaired knee. The Nets performance team and the front office will also play a role with Sean Marks the ultimate decision-maker.”

Spencer Dinwiddie is an excellent basketball player who could provide solid depth at the guard position for Brooklyn in the playoffs. However, it’ll be up to doctors and the team’s’ training staff on whether or not Dinwiddie returns to the lineup this season.