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RUMOR: Nets using injured Spencer Dinwiddie as trade bait to upgrade around Big 3

Spencer Dinwidde Nets

With the NBA trade deadline quickly approaching, the Brooklyn Nets are rumored to be shopping Spencer Dinwiddie to upgrade their roster. Dinwiddie fell to injury back in January, and after the front office traded for James Harden, the Nets bench squad is rather thin.

Dinwiddie was only able to play in three games this year, however, he’s a fantastic player when he’s healthy. Throughout his career, he’s been able to average 12.9 points, five assists, and 2.8 rebounds per game. He’s been an efficient player for the Nets and could bring that same value to another franchise once he’s back from the inactive list.

The Nets are ranked in second place in the Eastern Conference and are on an eight-game winning streak. From the naked eye, this organization looks ready for an NBA championship, however, with a lack of depth on the bench, this team may fall short in the playoffs if they aren’t equipped to deal with certain matchups.

It’s still unclear as to which team may make a push for Dinwiddie, especially with him being out for the remainder of the year. Two teams that stick out as potential trade candidates are the Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic. Each franchise is in the rebuilding phase and could use an extra backcourt scorer like Spencer Dinwiddie to improve their roster for next season. Both squads also have a glut of big man that they could potentially part with to take back the dynamic guard.

Keep an eye on the Brooklyn Nets as the deadline approaches, as they’re clearly aiming to restructure their bench. This franchise is clearly going for the championship this year, and bulking up the depth will go a long way in achieving that goal. Their next game will be on Saturday night against Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks.