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Kyrie Irving removed from Nets ad with Kevin Durant, James Harden

Kyrie Irving, Nets

Kyrie Irving’s status in the league is no secret to anyone. Unless Irving changes his stance about getting vaccinated against COVID-19, the Brooklyn Nets guard will miss all of the Nets’ home games this season. It’s a big blow to a team with legitimate championship aspirations this season.

At least one segment in the Nets organization seems to have resigned to life without Kyrie in the Barclays Center. A recent tweet has circulated amongst Nets fans, showing the team’s promotional emails. Noticeably, Irving is missing from some of these emails. How curious… (via The Glue Guys)

However, under that same tweet is another Nets fan showing that on the official web site, Irving is still present on the ads there. Could it just have been a mistake that happened in the most unfortunate of circumstances?

Irving’s staunch stance against the COVID-19 vaccine has caught the attention of the media. With New York laws mandating that employees entering their workplace need to be vaccinated against COVID, all Nets and Knicks players had to be vaccinated in order to play at home. Most, if not all of the players have gotten the shot… except Kyrie. A Rolling Stone piece on the topic revealed that the Irving believes that the vaccine is a part of a large conspiracy, which is, uh… not good.

This belief of Irving has been a rather ugly stain on what is looking to be the most successful season in Nets franchise history. Without Irving, they are still a damn good team. They have Kevin Durant and James Harden, anyway. But with Kyrie, they become nearly unstoppable. Irving missing half of the regular season AND the postseason will pose problems to the Nets, and it looks like that’s going to be the case if reports are to be believed.

However, for some fans, omitting Kyrie Irving from the Nets ad is fair game. After all: