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Kevin Durant, Nets’ worst fears on Kyrie Irving near reality amid Covid-19 vaccine fiasco

Kyrie Irving Nets Kevin Durant Covid-19 vaccine

The Golden State Warriors were looking at a doomsday scenario with forward Andrew Wiggins with his resistance to get the COVID-19 vaccine. He eventually opted to get shot, avoiding further drama coming into the season. The Brooklyn Nets, however, aren’t getting as much luck with Kyrie Irving.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the mercurial Nets guard has put up “continue resistance” to get the COVID-19 vaccine after the team was previously optimistic on him changing his mind.

If Kyrie Irving ultimately refuses to get vaccinated entirely, the Nets will have to face their worst case scenario with him missing all home games as well as being unable to practice with the team at all.

This is a massive blow for the Brooklyn Nets, who even reportedly had superstar Kevin Durant lobbying for his teammate to get the vaccine, but to no avail.

The Nets would be facing an unprecedented scenario next season that raises a handful of questions. Would the team have two separate gameplans for home and away games to cater to Kyrie? Would Brooklyn try to trade him for a vaccinated star? Assuming they keep him, does homecourt advantage in the playoffs become less appealing than before?

Brooklyn is seen by many to be the strongest contender for the title this season. Who would have thought the biggest hurdle they’d need to overcome is skepticism against a vaccine?