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Cam Newton’s latest move after Patriots release could spark renewed interest

Cam Newton Patriots Covid-19 vaccine

Cam Newton has yet to find a home after his unceremonious exit from the New England Patriots. But his latest move could potentially move the needle, or at least give him another look from teams around the league.

The former NFL MVP is now vaccinated. That’s according to the latest report from NFL insiders Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport.

“Nothing really imminent with Newton right now. But teams have had communication throughout the first couple of weeks of the season with him. And I am told that those teams have been told that Cam Newton is now vaccinated.”

Considering the stringent Covid-19 vaccination protocols being mandated around the NFL, this is a huge issue now off the table for teams with potential interest in bringing in Cam Newton.

There were whispers that Cam Newton’s vaccination status was one of the big factors that led to his dismissal from the New England Patriots. The previous reports indicated as such, despite the fact that Bill Belichick vehemently denied that it was the case.

Via Mike Florio of PFT:

“Cam was the starter until he failed to comply with a fairly basic aspect of the rule applicable to unvaccinated players. Thus, the decision to make him not the starter flowed directly from his vaccination status and the ever-present possibility that he won’t be available to play or to practice.”

Time will tell if this gets teams talking on Cam Newton.