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The quirkiest prop bets you can make on Super Bowl 53

Jared Goff, Rams, Patriots, Tom Brady

The day of the Super Bowl 53 is the biggest – if not the biggest – day in sports in America. It’s also among the busiest days in sports betting, as money of galactic proportions fly around whenever the Super Bowl is on, thanks to people putting a wage on just about anything. And by anything, we really mean ANYTHING.

Folks can actually put a bet on whether Gisele Bundchen’s cleavage will be shown live during the broadcast. We are not kidding you. That is just one of the seemingly endless number of crazy and fun prop bets listed at BetOnline.ag.

Here are some more of them:

Will Romostradamus Said During Live Broadcast (Yes +250, N0 -400)

Tony Romo is part of the broadcast panel for CBS, and those familiar to the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s job in the booth know that he’s been money when it comes to predicting what’s going to happen even before plays are called by teams on the field.

Nickell Robey-Coleman Called for PI During Game (Yes +210, No -320)

The Los Angeles Rams likely would not be playing in Atlanta this coming Sunday if it weren’t for the now infamous missed pass interference call by the referees in the team’s NFC title game win against the New Orleans Saints. Will the Rams and Robey-Coleman get a taste of karmic retribution on Sunday?

What will be higher, Tiger Woods’ first-round score (-140) at the Masters or Todd Gurley’s rushing yards (+100?

We told you, these prop bets are insane, but creative as well!

Adam Levine Kneel During the Halftime Show (Yes +500, No -1,000)

Maroon 5 is going to grace the halftime show of Super Bowl 53, but will the band’s frontman show its support for Colin Kaepernick’s cause by kneeling?

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