The Novak Djokovic Australian Open saga started when the Serbian star, who is unvaccinated, was unwilling to change his vaccine status to play in the tennis calendar's first Grand Slam of the year, which is requiring players to be vaccinated. Djokovic acquired a medical exemption, which was set to allow him to play in the tournament, to the chagrin of many. However, in a stunning twist, a member of Djokovic's team reportedly obtained the wrong visa, as reported by the Times of London. That resulted in the Serbian tennis star being held at the Australian border, meaning he could potentially miss the Australian Open.

This is a wild twist. Novak Djokovic was reportedly unable to provide “sufficient evidence” of his medical exemption at the border and is now being asked to leave the country due to his vaccine status and improper visa. His Australian Open status, always murky, is now very much in doubt.

Djokovic, who has won the Australian Open a record nine times, may now be forced to watch the event from home. Australia, a country that has been hit hard by COVID-19, isn't willing to make an exception for anyone, especially someone with Djokovic's vaccine status.

It's unclear how this situation will play out, though what's very clear is that Novak Djokovic may not get to add to his Australian Open trophy case in 2022 thanks to his vaccine status.