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Video: Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic has All-Star highlight reel full of jokes

Nikola Jokic, Nuggets

Denver Nuggets forward Nikola Jokic is regarded as not only one of the best big men in the league but also one of the funniest. Frequently referred to as “Joker”, the Serbian 7 footer has certainly earned the clownish nickname with his antics on and off the court.

When he was selected to be an All-Star for the first time this year, NBA fans knew they would be in for a show. Jokic did not disappoint.

Below is a clip of some of his funniest All-Star moments:

From dabbing all the way through his intro to giving an opponent the ball mid-game while they stood out of bounds, it’s easy to say that Jokic really enjoyed himself this weekend.

Even though he lost in both the All-Star Game and the Skills Challenge, Jokic managed to make the most of his All-Star selection. He scored six points and nine rebounds in his team’s loss and was barely beat out by Jayson Tatum on a last-second shot.

Jokic went 0-2 over the weekend, but he is sure to start racking up wins with the Nuggets soon. He has the team in the second seed in the Western Conference, behind only the defending champion Golden State Warriors.

The Nuggets will resume their schedule on Thursday against the Dallas Mavericks in the American Airlines Center. Jokic will look to lead his team to a strong second-half start with a win over the struggling Mavs and keep some pressure on the Warriors.