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Video: Nikola Jokic’s funny, surprised reaction to Richard Jefferson screaming at the back

Nikola Jokic

Throughout his entire NBA career, Richard Jefferson has not been the type who is shy to speak his mind. He is also very animated during games and practices, which helps him get hyped even more.

Now that he is part of the Denver Nuggets, his teammates are still getting used to his personality and antics. Nikola Jokic is one of them, and was caught on video surprised when the veteran swingman screamed in the background during an interview. He had no clue that Jefferson completed a powerful slam during practice, which got him really pumped up.

Now in his 17th season, the 37-year-old Arizona product was brought in by the Nuggets to serve as a locker room leader and veteran mentor to the team’s young players. He has more than 140 playoff games played, and also has championship experience he can share to his teammates, as he was part of the title-winning Cleveland Cavaliers squad back in 2016.

Jokic and the other Nuggets players are not expected to be familiarized with Jefferson’s ways immediately, but if they do, they could find out for themselves how good of a teammate and professional he is, just like how he conducted himself with the Cavs. He is a good source of lessons which could help them become more successful in their careers, and will definitely benefit the Nuggets in the future.