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Ohio State football news: Urban Meyer gets a raise

The Ohio State Buckeyes have given head coach Urban Meyer a huge raise.

“But they don’t have enough money to pay the kids.” Said someone who realizes how silly all of this is.

Anyway, citing an open-records request, USA Today‘s Steve Berkowitz is reporting that Ohio State’s Board of Trustees approved an eight-percent raise for what were described as “certain components of his compensation package.” Meyer’s contract calls for “just” a six-percent raise in said components.

So, basically, Urban Meyer is getting an extra two-percent raise for the sake of round numbers or something — likely something, but don’t worry about the semantics.

As a result of this nice raise, Meyer’s raise will go from the previously scheduled $321,000 to just under $480,000. That is, obviously, a ton of cash.

The raise, which went into effect Feb. 1 of this year, will push Meyer’s compensation to just north of $6.4 million for 2017. Again, duh, tons of money being hurled at a man who has saved the Ohio State football program in a post-sweater world.

Only a few college football coaches now make more money than Meyer. Alabama’s Nick Saban is at $11 million ($4 million of which is a signing bonus), Clemson’s Dabo Swinney at $7.5 million on his ($1.5 million of which is a signing bonus), and the $7 million being paid to Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh.

All the money … for none of the labor producing the entertainment on the blades of grass each and every Saturday (and sometimes Thursday and Tuesday and Wednesday and every single day for some reason).

Nevertheless, good for him. Get yours.