The Pac-12 Conference is well on its way down. A lot of teams have now opted to join other conferences who have better media deals and feel more sustainable. There are only four teams that have not found any new opportunities outside of their home conference, which includes Washington State.

Dr. Kirk Schulz's school had a meeting along with Oregon State ahead of their schools' college football to discuss their future. Statements were flung around, and it seems that Commissioner George Kliavkoff was thrown under the bus.

A lot of the meeting's discussions revolved around what Oregon State and Washington State's plan was. This is concerning given that the Pac-12 Conference has been reduced to less than a handful of teams. Moreover, Dr. Kirk Schulz outlines why the situation was not in their control, via Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic.

“The current state of the Pac-12 Conference was not a situation of our making,” Schulz declared. But the Washington State president remains optimistic for his program's future, “We refuse to let it define us.”

Furthermore, both Washington State and Oregon State also seem to be seeking answers from George Kliavkoff's Pac-12 administration, “Our two schools continue to seek financial records from the conference and are painstakingly reviewing documents to get an accurate picture of the conference's fiscal position.”

Currently, the teams are just focusing on how much impact they give college football despite the realignment, “This is not a case of two underperforming teams being relegated. In fact, these are two of the best college football teams in the country. They are going head-to-head this weekend at a sold-out stadium on national television.”

Will they find new homes before the start of the 2024 season?