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Pacers’ Victor Oladipo is day-to-day after hospital visit following eye poke

Victor Oladipo, Pacers

It has been a tough road for Indiana Pacers standout guard Victor Oladipo, who just can’t seem to avoid getting injured, over the course of the last few seasons. Most recently, Oladipo suffered an eye injury on Tuesday afternoon against the Miami Heat, which caused him to exit the opening round postseason clash.

Not only that, but the Pacers later released a formal statement regarding the matter, which revealed that Oladipo was forced to visit the on-campus hospital down in Orlando. The veteran guard was poked in the left eye during the first quarter of the Eastern Conference matchup as he was initially undecided about playing during the postseason due to some additional injury concerns.

Thanks to his latest setback, Oladipo is being considered as day-to-day by the Pacers, who came up short in Game 1 against the aforementioned Heat on Tuesday afternoon.

The Pacers finished the 2019-20 regular season at 45-28, which ultimately netted the team the No. 4 overall seed in the playoffs. With the Heat garnering the No. 5 seed after producing a regular season record of 44-29, Indiana now trails 1-0 with Game 2 slated to take place on Thursday afternoon. Of course, the seeding in this year’s postseason has a bit less meaning especially toward the middle of the standings as there is no true home-court advantage within the NBA bubble.

Now it remains to be seen as to whether the Pacers will have Oladipo back for Game 2 against the Heat or not as trailing Miami 2-0 would be absolutely detrimental for Indiana.