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Victor Oladipo’s trainer playfully suggests adding Parkour to workout regimen

Victor Oladipo, Pacers

Victor Oladipo infamously texted his trainer, David Alexander, shortly after a Game 7 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs, and while the two have been tirelessly putting in work ever since, this potential workout is not for the faint of heart.

Alexander tagged Oladipo on a clip from a pro Parkour athlete landing a bar-to-bar precision jump, which covered roughly 15 feet of space from takeoff to a perfect landing.

“I’m thinking we integrate some of this into your training program! Thoughts??,” read Alexander’s video caption for his NBA client.

Oladipo is unlikely to even discuss the matter, as NBA contracts strictly prohibit activities in which their athletes could suffer an injury.

There are so many ways in which a potential workout like this can go wrong, potentially with a career-derailing injury — but it’s fun to think what the frame of a 6-foot-4 Oladipo could do in the Parkour world with his wide wingspan and freakish athleticism.

Oladipo won the Dunk of the Year in 2017 by throwing down a monster hammer over Dwight Howard, but this “training program” is perhaps a lot more than he can chew for the moment.

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