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Adidas lays the hammer down on Fernando Tatis Jr after PED suspension

Fernando Tatis Jr, Padres, Adidas

San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr has already let down an entire fanbase and all of his teammates after being slapped with an 80-game PED suspension. Unfortunately, another domino has fallen for the young superstar.

Per Alden Gonzalez, Adidas has cut ties with Tatis Jr due to his doping scandal.

“We believe that sport should be fair. We have a clear policy on doping and can confirm that our partnership with Fernando Tatis Jr. will not continue.”

Not exactly surprising. Tatis Jr was one of the company’s main MLB athletes. But, it’s likely the least of his worries right now. The Padres just had a historic trade deadline, acquiring Juan Soto, Brandon Drury, and Josh Hader. While the latter has struggled, the whole idea was to give San Diego a star trio of Soto, Manny Machado, and Tatis Jr. That would almost certainly make them competitive enough to be the team representing the National League in the World Series.

Then, Tatis Jr made another foolish decision by taking a banned substance. Remember, he was already injured for the entire season thus far because of a wrist injury that happened while riding a motorcycle. The Padres are extremely disappointed in his immaturity and you can’t blame them. He talked to the media on Tuesday and apologized for his actions:

“I’m really sorry. I’ve let so many people down,” Tatis said Tuesday. “I’ve lost so much love from people. I’ve failed. I’ve failed to the front office, the San Diego Padres, [chairman] Peter Seidler, A.J. Preller. I have failed every fan of the city. I have failed … my country.”

Fernando Tatis Jr had his own training shoe with Adidas. All his products have been taken off the website. Just another learning curve for the 23-year-old.