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Padres’ Blake Snell reacts to breaking Phillies star Bryce Harper’s thumb, on-field altercation

Blake Snell, Bryce Harper, Padres, Phillies, Bryce Harper injury

San Diego Padres lefty Blake Snell hit Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper in the left hand on Saturday night, breaking his thumb and drawing a heated reaction from the Phillies stud. Snell and Harper exchanged words on the field before the Phillies star cooled down and seemed to admit he knew the hit-by-pitch wasn’t on purpose.

Afterward, Harper downplayed the incident and said “it wasn’t heated at all,” per ESPN. Snell said he texted Harper and that everything was fine between them. The Padres pitcher expressed regret over hitting Harper and said it wasn’t intentional:

“Obviously, I felt terrible hitting him,” Snell said. “I don’t do that, and he knows that. We’ve talked. We’ve handled it. He plays with a lot of passion, and I can understand why he’d be upset. I’m just as upset as he is. … I just hope he recovers quickly and gets back out there and continues to compete.”

The Padres left also said he planned to see Harper to talk about it at some point.

It was an unfortunate situation all around. Harper now must miss time with the injury while Snell continues to struggle despite the Padres’ overall terrific play. The former Cy Young winner has been atrocious so far this season, dropping to 0-5 with a 5.60 ERA on Saturday night. He gave up four earned runs in 5 2/3 innings against the Phillies in a 4-2 defeat. San Diego is 45-29 on the season.

Meanwhile, Philly will miss Harper’s MVP-caliber play. The superstar boasts a slash line of .318/.385/.599 with 15 home runs and 48 RBI this season. The Phillies got off to a brutal start in 2022 but now sit at 38-35, which puts them in the thick of things in the NL Wild Card race. Now they must rally together and figure out how to stay in the race without their best player.