Fernando Tatis Jr got the full New York experience during the San Diego Padres' 5-1 win over the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on Friday night. Tatis, who was suspended 80 games last August after testing positive for a banned substance called Clostebol, was serenaded with steroids chants from Yankees fans.

But Tatis got revenge, belting a home run and tossing his bat before taunting Yankees fans and talking right back to them when he resumed playing in right field.

After the game, Tatis explained that he was “just giving a good time to the fans”, per AJ Casssavell of MLB.com.

“It was loud, it's New York, you're gonna hear everything,” Tatis said. “Just giving a good time to the fans. You've got to learn how to embrace it.”

The Padres star knew that he was going to hear just about every form of trash talk known to mankind playing against the Yankees in New York.

Tatis, who went 1-for-5 with two RBI and a 439-foot mammoth home run, said that he just had to learn “how to embrace” the steroids chants and the animosity form the fans.

Well, he certainly did a good job of that on Friday, as he got even with Yankees fans both at the plate and back out in the field, when he mockingly conducted the Bleacher Creatures during another steroids serenade.

It sure seems like the Padres slugger is completely unbothered by the taunts.

Not only that, but he knows how to dish it back, too.

When asked what his best comeback to Yankees fans was, Tatis had a simple answer, per Cassavell.

“That home run.”