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Patriots: 4 bold predictions for Week 2 matchup vs. Dolphins

The New England Patriots enjoyed Week 1 by blowing out the Pittsburgh Steelers. Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins were blown out. Miami had an absolutely embarrassing showing against the Baltimore Ravens, and things are most definitely not looking up for them.

However, Week 2 is a new week and anything can happen in the NFL, right? Right?!?! Okay. Honestly, the outcome of this game seems pretty obvious. There seem to be a lot of players that don’t want to be on the Dolphins anymore, the coaching direction is nowhere and the team is clearly tanking.

On the opposite hand, the Patriots are poised for yet another Super Bowl run.

With that in mind, here are four bold predictions for the Patriots Week 2 matchup vs. the Dolphins.

Sony Michel Scores – A Lot

Sony Michel, Patriots

A lot of Patriots players had big Week 1 performances. Sony Michel was not one of them. The second year running back had just 14 yards on 15 carries. Not exactly a good average.

However, he proved he could be a workhorse last season and one bad game shouldn’t change that.

The Patriots will likely run often against the Dolphins. Let’s be honest, this one should be in run-the-clock-out mode by halftime. Once that happens, they’ll want to keep Brady as safe as possible.

That means Michel’s getting the ball a lot. He’ll break off some big runs and quickly fix his yards per carry on the year. He’ll also cross the pylon a few times and score multiple touchdowns. Three trips to the end zone could definitely be in the cards for Michel in Week 2.

Defense Holds Miami To Under 200 Yards

Devin McCourty, Patriots


Last week, the Dolphins picked up exactly 200 yards. That was going up against a fantastic defense in the Ravens.

Meanwhile, the Patriots 308 yards to a very strong Steelers offense.

You could say that this seems really tough. The Baltimore defense is better than the New England unit, and divisional games can always get a little crazy. This will be about clock management though.

The Ravens had a lot of big plays in Week 1. Miami seemed to get a new chance at a possession far too often. The Patriots will be different.

New England will run the ball a lot and it will lead to the time of possession battle being so grossly in their favor. This will mean the Dolphins won’t get many offensive chances, and the ones they do get likely won’t go all that well. Under 200 yards is a strong possibility.

Tom Brady Throws Less Than 20 Times

Tom Brady, Patriots


How often does that happen? Especially with the receiving corps they look to have in Week 2 (if Antonio Brown plays). Not letting Brady throw a lot seems like it should be a crime.

However, there’s no reason to. Why further risk injury on your superstar QB in a Week 2 game? It’s not like he needs a confidence boost. Brady and the world know exactly who he is. A big game against the Dolphins won’t do for him what it did for Lamar Jackson.

For the record, I think Jackson is a stud and I love that he silenced doubters last week. However, Brady having a big game against Miami proves nothing. Once they get a lead, the Patriots will run the ball down the Dolphins throats, and get the game over with.

Patriots Win By 28-plus

Tom Brady, Patriots

This seems excessive right? Not really at all.

The Patriots beat the Steelers by 23 points. Meanwhile, the Dolphins lost to the Ravens by 49 points.

Yes, New England will likely lay off the gas faster than Baltimore will, but that won’t stop the blowout. The defense will completely shut down an offense with no real threat.

Meanwhile, the offense even in chew-the-clock mode will move the ball. That running game should have no issues and Brady will carve up their defense when called upon.

Simply put, this Dolphins team doesn’t want to be there. Players have expressed interest to leave, and it’s only going to make the games get ugly. Add on the fact that this is the Patriots and Bill Belichick and this is a recipe for a disastrous game.

New England legitimately might already be chewing the clock down by midway through the second quarter. If you’re a Patriots fan, it will be a very entertaining way to watch your team get to 2-0.

If you’re a Dolphins fan, I’m sorry.