The New England Patriots' 2023 season hit another low on Sunday, losing 6-0 to the Los Angeles Chargers and dropping to 2-10 on the year.

For Patriots center and captain David Andrews, the painful year has proven to be the worst yet of his nine-year career. With Sunday's loss, the 2023 season will mark the first time in Andrews' career that he's been on a team with 10 losses.

Despite all of the struggles though, Andrews vowed that he'll still hang in there as the Patriots still have five games left on the season, noting that he's still playing for pride.

“Speaking personally, nine years into this thing, 31 years old … can’t do this forever,” Andrews told reporters following Sunday's loss. “It’s not like any other sport. You [can] go play pickup basketball; you can’t play pickup football. You don’t know how many opportunities you’re going to get to play this game. Injuries, outside health stuff, whatever, you just don’t know what opportunities you’re going to have.

“So, personally, me to get to play this game and play with this group of guys, I think we have a lot of guys that look at the game like that. At the end of the day you’re playing for the respect of yourself, the respect of your team, the respect of this organization. I think if you’re going out there with nothing to play for, it’s time to move onto something else in life.”

David Andrews takes it on the chin following another Patriots loss

Something that has almost been as consistent as the Patriots losing this season is Andrews' early arrival to the podium to speak to reporters. No matter the result, Andrews has shown up to the podium before anyone else on the Patriots after every game this season, typically taking questions from reporters just minutes after returning to the locker room.

Andrews explained that it's part of the process of being an NFL player and why still enjoys playing.

“Look, it’s part of my job when I signed up to do this,” Andrews said. “I try to come out here and represent the organization as best as I can, I try to do that when I play. The seasons are long, no matter what. When you win they’re long, and when you lose they’re long. Obviously a different year than I’ve ever experienced, it is frustrating because of how much you put into each week, toil away at it each day, but that’s my job, that’s what I’m supposed to do.

“It kind of goes back to what I said, why you do things … the day I decide I don’t want to put in that work, get up early, lift, do all these things, watch film — it’s probably time for me to hang it up.”