Patriots news: Bill Belichick reveals main focus New England training camp
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Bill Belichick reveals main focus for New England’s training camp

Bill Belichick Patriots

The upcoming 2020 season will be an extraordinary one for the New England Patriots. With the departure of long-time quarterback Tom Brady, a new gunslinger is now going to be at the helm. Moreover, in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, several of their starting players also opted out of playing which left them with a depleted roster.

Despite the whirlwind of events, multi-titled head coach Bill Belichick still reminded what his players’ focus should be upon entering the upcoming season:

“Everybody needs to learn certain fundamentals, certain basics and every player, no matter how long he’s played, whether it’s two years or 20 years, there’s still a basic progression to training camp at that player’s position,” said Belichick about his team’s approach to the 2020 training camp structure. “That’s really what we’re going to do, that’s where we’re going to start. That’s where, in my opinion, what needs to be done, regardless of who the player is, what position he plays, again, whether he’s been here for 10 years or this is his first year.

Focusing on the fundamentals will be key for a Patriots side that was deprived of preseason games to prepare for the regular season. The team’s irregular roster come Week 1 will rely solely based on practice performance and development.

Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots will look to overcome the odds along with the many question marks surrounding the team in 2020. Despite being undermanned, the club is still aiming to defend its AFC East title for the 12th-straight year and to ultimately snag a spot in the playoff picture.