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Patriots coach Bill Belichick won’t discuss Texans’ pursuit of Nick Caserio

One of the big news stories surrounding the New England Patriots this offseason was the Houston Texans trying to hire Nick Caserio for their general manager job, but that is behind both teams and it’s not something that Bill Belichick is interested in talking about.

Belichick was asked about the situation on Thursday morning and made it clear that it’s all the past now.

“That’s all water under the bridge,” Belichick said via Phil Perry of NBCSportsBoston.com.

Caserio is only under contract for this season with the team but that is also something that Belichick didn’t have any interest in talking about.

“I’m not talking about contracts, period,” Belichick said. “Never have and don’t plan to.”

Caserio seemed to want the Texans’ general manager job, but there was a clause in his contract that allowed the Patriots to block him from going to another team. It’s unclear Caserio’s exact thoughts on not being able to go to Houston, but it’s clear the Patriots saw enough that they like to keep him around for, at least, one year, and more if they decide to extend him.

The Texans have also decided to not fill the general manager position which is a unique strategy. One idea is that maybe the Texans are waiting for Caserio to fulfill his contract with the Patriots and become a “free agent” and then sign him to be their General Manager.

Either way, he is on the Patriots right now and the Texans are using a general manager by committee approach.