Patriots news: Devin McCourty unsure of his NFL future after this season
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Patriots’ Devin McCourty unsure of his NFL future after this season

Devin McCourty, Patriots

There is no doubt that longtime New England Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty continues to play at a high level. However, the veteran defender remains unsure of his NFL playing future as McCourty gears up for yet another season in New England.

“It was always a goal – once I got into the league – to play 10 years, so it means a lot,” McCourty recently told Jeff Howe of The Athletic. “The average [NFL career] is three [years], and a lot of guys who get to stick around are like, man, it’d be awesome to play 10 years. To be in my 10th year and still feel pretty healthy, to go out here and compete, just being able to do that, obviously I don’t think about it every day. But to come in and be like, man, this is my 10th training camp, I take pride in that and just trying to keep it going.”

Of course, there is not much more for McCourty to accomplish as a member of the Patriots, who have won two of the last three and three of the last five Super Bowls.

“I haven’t thought about next year or anything else,” McCourty added, The Athletic. “I’m just trying to see how much better I can get in year 10 and see how good I can be still at, in a couple weeks, [when I turn] 32 years old and still playing football and trying to embrace that.”

McCourty and the Patriots most recently defeated the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.