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Expect the Cam Newton era with Patriots to resemble Tim Tebow in Denver

Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, Patriots

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is sure to offer new schemes with Cam Newton taking over as the starting quarterback.

Those schemes might look similar to those employed by the Denver Broncos when Tim Tebow was under center, per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk:

As one source with knowledge of the situation has explained it to PFT, McDaniels developed a specific system in Denver for Tebow. It makes it hard to defend quarterback runs and it opens up the passing game. Also, with proper blocking, the quarterback isn’t put in harm’s way. As the source put it, that could make Cam “scary” in New England.

As Florio relayed, the current Patriots offensive coordinator never got to employ his system for Tebow in Denver, given he was fired before the former Heisman winner took over as the starting quarterback.

However, it seems likely the source is hinting at a bevy of run-pass options.

Newton (when healthy) has one of the more unique skill sets as a big and physical signal-caller who can also make plays in the open field. He had success running RPOs alongside multidimensional backs like Christian McCaffrey in Carolina, and might have an equal amount of success with personnel like James White in the Pats backfield.

Then again, it is worth wondering just how often McDaniels will put Newton in positions to be a ball carrier. New England will undoubtedly do everything it can to protect its quarterback given Newton’s recent injury history. Exposing Cam to more hits could obviously make him more susceptible to injury.

Nevertheless, the former league MVP is motivated to prove he can still play at a high level, and McDaniels might have the scheme to unlock Newton’s full potential.