Patriots news: Josh McDaniels explains why team bringing in big WRs
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Josh McDaniels explains why Patriots adding big wide receivers

josh mcdaniels

The New England Patriots have given offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels some new receiving weapons this offseason. And a good number of them are notably big.

They drafted 6-2 N’Keal Harry in the first round, and signed Demaryius Thomas, Maurice Harris, and Dontrelle Inman, who are all 6-3. And if 6-3 Josh Gordon is reinstated, that’s another big-bodied weapon for the Patriots offense.

McDaniels, when asked about how Harry’s skills fit with how the Pats’ offense runs, explained last week that New England tries never to pigeonhole a player into a specific job, but rather conceive an offense that meshes with what the comprised talent does best.

McDaniels explains that the Patriots are more focused on creating an offense around players’ talents. Moreover, they are interested in having as much flexibility and versatility within that system as possible.

“I think the biggest thing we try to do with our team and our offense in particular is take guys who have a skill and a talent and don’t try to fit them to what we’ve done in the past,” McDaniels said, via NBC Sports Boston.

“You have to have enough flexibility and versatility in your system that you can maybe feature the X-receiver. Or the Z-receiver. Or the tight end. Or two tight ends. Or the halfback. Whatever style you want to be, it should reflect the talent of your team.”

It will certainly be interesting how the Patriots utilize those big receivers in Harry, Thomas, and Inman. As great as Tom Brady already is, he could get even better if they can successfully add another dimension to their already potent offense.