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A Julio Jones trade to Patriots a possibility

Patriots, Julio Jones

With Julio Jones reportedly on the trade market, some speculated that the New England Patriots would be a team wanting to bring him into the fold. Apparently, however, the case of this being true isn’t super strong.

In a report from Mike Giardi of NFL Media, it is claimed that the Patriots had internal discussions about making a trade for the talented receiver.

Here’s where things get a bit tricky if we want to do the semantics conversation.

Of course the Patriots had a discussion about one of the NFL’s best receivers. I am willing to bet nearly every team in the league — at the very minimum — said a few words about whether or not they should try to trade for him, or even something more benign like if another team should.

Conversations about people… happen! It doesn’t inherently mean when someone’s name is brought up in a workplace setting that the person is going to be chased after with the fury of 1,000 Tom Brady rookie cards.

Anyway, if we’re tempted and forced to give in on this because trade theories are fun, what do you guys think would be an acceptable package for Julio Jones if the Patriots decided to make a run at the Atlanta Falcons superstar talent?