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Matt Nagy says Patriots DE Trey Flowers is a ‘big-name guy’ in coaching world

matt nagy, trey flowers

The New England Patriots will play the Chicago Bears in Week 7, and Matt Nagy has keyed in on Trey Flowers as a “big-name guy” in their matchup. Nagy is in his first season as the head coach of the Bears. Their 3-2 record places them atop the NFC North by a narrow margin. Flowers is a hybrid defensive player that the Bears will have to look out for on Sunday night.

“He’s not the quote-unquote big name guy, but he’s the big name guy amongst the coaching world,” Matt Nagy said per Patriots Wire. “So we know who he is and what he can do and we respect him. We know he’s a hell of a player. And so, as you would anybody, you always want to know where he’s at and how they do things. … He can hold the point. He’s quick, he’s strong, he’s fast, he plays in front of the quarterback, and so we know that he’s a good football player.”

Trey Flowers plays defensive end, tackle and linebacker for the Patriots. His fluidity allows him to be used all over the field. While he hasn’t been named a Pro Bowler, he’s an elite athlete that can wreak havoc on the Bears in a multitude of ways. This makes him a nightmare for Matt Nagy.

Adding Khalil Mack to the Bears energized their defense, and helped them ascend to another level. Both teams expect a competitive matchup. Flowers is a prime candidate to make a crucial play and change the momentum of the game.