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New England Patriots, Tom Brady’s agent to meet at NFL Draft Combine

Tom Brady, Patriots

In less than a month, Tom Brady is set to hit free agency and the New England Patriots are going to do everything they can to prevent him from leaving. Ahead of free agency, New England and Brady’s agent are scheduled to meet at the NFL Combine.

The Combine is currently taking place this week in Indianapolis as it does every year. While it’s considered an event for the incoming prospects, some players use it as a way to speak with other teams. Since nearly every team is there, it makes it easier for free agents to convene with teams without having to travel far.

Don Yee, Brady’s agent, understands that this is a perfect time to gauge interest from other teams. At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt to speak to the Patriots and see what they are willing to offer his client.

Despite turning 43-years-old in 2020, Brady is going to be a coveted option in free agency. There aren’t many times that you will see arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time hit the open market. However, Brady sees this as an opportunity to see if there’s a better place for him to end his career.

At the least, the meeting between Brady’s agent and the Patriots could be the beginning of his eventual return. On the other hand, New England is going to have to lay out a realistic plan that includes surrounding Brady with better weapons.

Even though it’s technically considered tampering, plenty of players choose to meet with teams during the NFL Combine. Amid the endless number of impending free agents, it appears that Brady will have his agent vouching for him at this year’s event.