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Former Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski claims he hasn’t thought about returning in 2019

Rob Gronkowski

There has been a lot of talk about Rob Gronkowski and if he will ever return to the New England Patriots but according to the future Hall of Fame tight end, he hasn’t thought about coming back this season.

In a sitdown interview with the Toronto Sun where Gronkowski was promoting his CBD Medic, a company he promotes and owns, Gronkowski said he hasn’t completely ruled out a return, but right now he is happy with where his life is.

“Do I think I might do it this year? I, uh, you know … Let’s put it this way: I just really haven’t thought about it,” Gronkowski said. “Like I said, I love that I have the option, but I haven’t thought about going back at all. I’m really busy with what I have going on. I have a lot going on. I don’t really see myself at all. But it’s always just good, like I said, to have the option. If it’s this year, next year, or even in four years, I feel like it’s just great to have (the option).”

Gronkowski also revealed that Patriots owner Robert Kraft has continued to reach out with him, telling him that he would approve him coming back to the squad.

“Yes, he did it on that Thursday night game (on Oct. 10). He said he would definitely approve of me coming back. He said it on air when we were both on air. I said thank-you, but I definitely appreciate that I have the option of coming back. That’s always going to be on top of my brain, on top of my head, because I played for nine years and I love the game still.”

Gronk hasn’t taken him up on the offer yet, but he is glad that he has the option to return if at some point he decides he wants to continue to play in the NFL.