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Rob Gronkowski likes to ‘mess around’ with Patriots’ comeback talks

Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

Just like most players who retire young, there has already been talking about Rob Gronkowski making a comeback to the league and playing with the New England Patriots. Gronkowski was appearing at the Billboard awards and was asked if he was thinking about making a comeback.

Gronkowski admits that a lot of people ask him if he is retired and he likes to try and fool people and say he just fake retired, but it’s all just an act and he doesn’t have plans on returning to the team.

“Yes, I’ve gotten that question many times,” Gronk said of a possible comeback while appearing on the red carpet before the Billboard Music Awards where he also served as a presenter. “I mess with people. I say fake retired just to have fun with people. I say I’m coming back next week, but yes I’m actually retired, but I like to mess around.”

He added: “You never know. If you mess around that much about it I may convince myself, but I don’t know. I kind of like it right now. I’m resting recovering, feeling good, so it’s all going good.”

Gronk might like to have fun with the idea and joke about coming back, but the Patriots still have a serious need at tight end and there is no doubt if he picked up the phone to call the Patriots they would be listening.

It doesn’t appear anything is imminent now, but maybe he could be like Jason Witten and be away from the game for a year before he decides he wants to come back.